Winter Accessories for Comfort and Safety

Winter is coming thick and fast and at EuroCanterbury we recommend the VW Winter Accessory Pack to get you through those cold months.

There are not many people that enjoy a British winter, frost and damp can make even the most tenacious driver want to stay indoors. Add to this the stress of having to de-ice your car every morning and then driving to work in the freezing cold, waiting for your car to heat up and you’ve got yourself a miserable few months.

The Winter Accessory Pack from VW includes everything you need to battle the elements. At £350 the pack includes front fog lights, heated front seats and electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors.

Safety in Winter Conditions

Every driver knows that safety precautions need to be upped in the winter months. Roads are icy and wet and more attention needs to be paid whilst driving. On top of this is the added problem of fogging windscreens and mirrors, preventing you from seeing those slippery roads.

The VW Winter Accessory Pack comes with electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors to prevent misting while you’re driving, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Furthermore, the front fog lights are perfect for increasing visibility on foggy mornings and dark afternoons as the sun sets earlier.

Comfort when it’s Cold

It’s hard enough getting out of bed on cold mornings, let alone getting into a frosty car to start your day. The VW Winter Accessory Pack comes with heated seats to keep you warm on those crisp mornings.

The heated seats come with three pre-set levels of heat and the warmth can be felt within a matter of minutes, providing a comfortable temperature for short or long journeys. This is great in diesel cars, which can take longer to warm up.

If it's only you driving, you can use the seat heater instead of the climate control to warm up (unless you need to clear the steam off the windows).

Heated seats are also good when you have a bad back, often another downfall of the winter months, the heat is soothing and seems to melt the pain away, along with the cold.


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