How to Know it's Time to Invest in a Volkswagen

When the time comes to get a new car, whether it’s because of work, children, or just because you feel like it, buying your new or used Volkswagen from EuroCanterbury can really take the stress out of your vehicle purchase. We’ll find you the perfect car and financing options to match all your needs.

Your Family is Growing

New additions to the family are exciting, but they do mean change, and quite often a bigger car. You’ll need child seats and safety features, plus enough room in the back to stash that giant changing bag and pushchair.

Volkswagen is known above all, for safety, but also, for some top models in the larger size range as well- perfect for your expanding family. The Touran and the Sharan both have seven seats! Enough room to keep everyone happy as the family expands!

You’re Worried about Safety

Your old car is, well old. It’s rusting and shuddering, you’ve started to breathe a sigh of relief every time the engine turns over and you’re taking the scenic route to avoid the potential hassle of breaking down on the motorway. If you can relate, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in a Volkswagen.

Why not look into the Passat? It’s got City Emergency Braking to avoid accidents, and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) with traction control to prevent skidding, plus Isofix to make sure your passenger seatbelts are fastened. And with plenty of extra comfort features, this executive saloon certainly won’t let you down, however long your commute.

You Want a New Look

Whatever your age, we all want to feel our best, particularly in our cars. Just like our clothes, our vehicles say something about us and our image, and while we crave practical features and affordability, having a speedy, flashy car to show off is certainly an added bonus.

The Beetle and the Beetle Cabriolets are timeless, iconic choices; they flaunt style and refinement, while still keeping you comfortable and safe. With alloys as standard and an electric drop top on the Cabriolet for summer afternoon spins in the country, you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

These are just some of the options Volkswagen has to offer, though.  Whatever you have in mind, EuroCanterbury Volkswagen in the heart of Kent, has the perfect car for you.