Why is my VW making a funny noise?

That funny noise you hears driving down the A2 could be nothing, but whether it’s a rattle, screech, or a bang, it’s always worth getting it checked out - just to be on the safe side.
Clicking Noise
This is most likely due to a torn boot – the rubber part which protects the outer CV joint on the car’s wheel axle. Over time, the rubber can wear thin and eventually tear, leaving you wondering what on earth that clicking sound is. If this is the case, your Volkswagen technician might need to replace either the whole axle assembly or the outer CV joint to get you back on the road, so if you hear this sound, make sure to bring your car in for a check-up at EuroCanterbury.   
Thumping Sound
When driving at low speeds a thumping sound can indicate a flat-spotted tire, particularly if the sound speeds up with acceleration and gets worse with cold weather. This isn’t a particularly urgent problem, though it can be annoying and is best fixed as part of a complete service.
Rattling at Low Speeds
If your car rattles when at a certain speed, it could be that the heat shields have become damaged. This often happens after driving in bad weather and on uneven road surfaces and can be heard when the car is idling at standstill. It’s best to take your car in to be serviced as soon as possible to avoid overheating.
Screeching Engine
This off-putting, high-pitched noise is usually the engine belt coming loose. Luckily in a lot of cases it will just need adjusting and a simple service will fix the problem, though in some cases if the belt has become cracked or damaged it will need replacing, though your VW technician can look into this during servicing to try and avoid unnecessary costs where possible.
Gurgling Noise
Despite being a common issue, water pump failures are hard to diagnose through sound alone. You’ll most likely hear a loud gurgling coming from under the hood which you’ll be able to hear even louder if you try the trick of holding the tip of a screwdriver to the pump casting and putting the other end to your ear like a stethoscope. If you suspect the water pump has failed, it will need replacing.
As always, regular servicing is the best preventative measure when it comes to avoiding any major issues.  Luckily EuroCanterbury offers fantastic deals on servicing, so these mystery sounds can be investigated by someone who’s seen it all before. Our fully-qualified technicians use all VW branded parts and follow VW’s 34-point Express Visual Check
And even better, if you’re worried about the cost of servicing, our service plans start from just £149 and cover your car for two years or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first) and we also include 1 free MOT, plus free exterior bulb and wiper replacement for the entire plan – so no more panicking about all those strange noises.
So no matter what the cause of that strange sound you hear is, you can rest easy knowing a Volkswagen specialist is taking care of everything for you and you'll be back on the road in no time.  To book a service, visit our easy to use online booking system or give us a call on 01227 826800.