5 Good Reasons to Drive a Volkswagen Golf

It’s no doubt that for a large chunk of the nation, the Volkswagen Golf is a solid favourite among family hatchbacks. Since the launch date back in early 1974, over 33 million Golfs have been sold, which roughly works out as an impressive 2,000 vehicles a day. We’ve put together 5 reasons as to why you should jump on the Golf bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about.

Compact yet practical

The Golf is incredibly compact and versatile, with options of a 3 or 5 door model. With plenty of front and rear space, you’ll never have to worry about leg cramp or bumping your head against the roof lining. The generously wide cabin means you’ll have plenty of shoulder room, so no matter how long or short your journey is, you can drive in pure comfort no matter what. The excellent interior space doesn’t mean you can’t nip into tight parking spots though, and motoring through heavy suburban traffic will be a breeze.  

Loaded with luxury

Crammed with innovative technologies, the Golf has plenty of functions to ensure you are as relaxed as can be on every drive you embark on. From drive assistance safety features such as Park Assist, Blind Spot Sensor and Adaptive Cruise Control to up-to-date tech systems such as mobile phone interfaces, navigation functions and the DYNAUDIO Excite sound system, you can mix and match to create a Golf that is uniquely yours.

5 star safety rating

Volkswagen understand how important the safety of you and your loved ones is. Thankfully, you can rest easy knowing your trusty Golf has a 5 star NCAP safety rating. With front and side airbags, seatbelt reminders, Isofix and optional added safety features, you are in the best hands if any critical situations were to arise. Talk about peace of mind.

Fun to drive

Enjoying the way your car feels is just as important as any other factor and needs to be taken into consideration. Luckily, the Volkswagen Golf is a pleasure to drive. Gripping corners with ease, resisting body lean and precise and responsive steering is all to be expected when you switch on the engine. What’s more, there’s enough pull from the engine to provide an oomph that will make overtaking painless. Say goodbye to dreaded long journeys.

Holds its value

The Volkswagen Golf is a classic, and holds its value much better than other family sized hatchbacks, meaning that it will cost you less in the long run. Teamed with low CO2 emissions and impressive fuel economy figures, the Golf is considerably cheap to run and remains an amazing long term buy.

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