What to Do if You Lose Your Volkswagen Owner's Manual

It always seems that the most important items you own are the ones that are far too easily misplaced. The Volkswagen Owner’s Manual is a vital part of owning a vehicle, as it provides you with a complete guide for maintenance, safety and tech features. This nifty handbook is well worth keeping track of, just like you would your mobile phone or wallet.

If you find your manual has gone walkabouts though, don’t panic. Any Volkswagen dating from 2011 onwards can be found here  by entering your registration details.  If you’ve got the My Volkswagen App, you can also easily access your owner’s manual from anywhere on your phone or tablet.

For vehicles manufactured prior to this, you can contact your local Volkswagen retailer (in this case, EuroCanterbury) who will be able to advise you of prices and order lead times for the replacement manual. It should also be noted however, that replacement service books will be stamped “Duplicate” and will not have any previous service information or stamps in them.

For more information and expert advice, feel free to contact our dedicated team on 01227 826800. 

What to do if you lose your VW owner’s manual