Be Safe and Save Money this Winter with VW Parts

Winter can be a difficult time of year, especially for drivers. When the cold creeps in, conditions change and make simple tasks like driving to work in the morning more difficult to carry out. There are several winter specific parts that can make driving your VW that little bit easier this winter.

Change your Tyres for Winter

Tyres are one of the most important aspects of safe driving. Your regular year round tyres are fine for summer but when temperatures drop below 7°C, you’ll need something a little more reliable.

When roads are icy and wet, cars can skid and potentially cause accidents. This is made worse if your car has a worn tread. The legal minimum for tyre tread is 1.6mm but in winter this should be upped to 3mm to help your car grip those icy roads.

EuroCanterbury offers a selection of winter car parts including special tyres. VW’s Winter Tyres have a higher natural rubber content, more effective tread pattern and additional Sipes to increase safety whilst driving on icy roads. The tread design and compound formulation improve grip, traction, handling and braking, perfect for wet, snowy or icy conditions.

Save Money with Winter Tyres

Fitting winter tyres will increase the life expectancy of your year-round tyres as you’ll be using two sets interchangeably. Using summer tyres in winter can increase tyre wear by up to 20% as summer tyres have less grip and will wear away with skidding.

In addition to the increase in tyre life for both summer and winter tyres, using the right set of tyres will improve traction and reduce wheel spin, thus improving your fuel economy and saving you more money.

Snow Chains and Snow Socks

EuroCanterbury can also fit your vehicle with VW snow chains or snow socks when the weather gets particularly bad.

Snow chains are a set of specialised chains used for heavy snow and ice. Unlike the VW Winter Tyres, which can be fitted at any time, snow chains should only be used when there’s snow on the roads and not directly on uncovered tarmac or concrete surfaces as this will damage them.

Snow Socks are coated with a strong textile surface to optimise grip on the road. Snow socks are a cheap but effective traction solution that can be used quickly and efficiently in the event of unexpected snowfall.

Don’t be caught in the snow this winter. To find out more, contact EuroCanterbury on 01227 826800.




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