Spring Services for Air Conditioning

Spring has sprung and at EuroCanterbury we know what that means - stuffy cars. To help you avoid a stifling car interior, we’re offering a superb deal on air conditioning servicing.

Volkswagen’s spring air conditioning service will get you back to base temperature. Our expert technicians will start by checking if the unit needs regassing. They’ll remove the old gas from your air con unit and replace it with new gas, or top it up if the pressure is low.

Next they’ll do a deep clean - deodorising and debacterialising the whole unit so that any germs and clogged air vents or pipes are cleared to keep it smelling fresh, the last thing you want is a hot and smelly car!

Each and every component in the system will be inspected and any minor repairs will be carried out. Temperature levels will be checked too so you can choose between a cool breeze and an icy blast to keep you going into the welcome summer heat.

If you’re hoping to avoid getting too hot under the collar, let us help out by servicing your air conditioning! Our trained technicians take you from hot and bothered to cool as a cucumber with an air conditioning service from just £79. And what’s more, they’ll even do it while you wait, meaning you can drive away feeling immediately cool and composed, ready to enjoy the rest of a beutiful spring day.